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I’m Thankful For….

I'm Thankful For....
These facts about Broomfield will give you a reason to be thankful this year.
November 20, 2020

What are you thankful for? This is a question that comes up a lot around this time of year as Thanksgiving approaches. Many of us (I am guilty of this myself) will give a half-hearted answer to this question...

Scholarships Galore

Scholarships Galore
The 2020 softball season has now come to a conclusion, so now what’s next for senior softball players at Broomfield High School?
November 19, 2020

More snow is starting to fall, the temperatures are dropping, and the clocks have been pushed an hour back, all signs that this year's softball season has come to an end. For some players, this is the...

The Social Dilemma

The Social Dilemma
A review of the documentary and the scary connection between social media and mental health. It's worse than you think.
November 16, 2020

Social media. How many times do you use it in a day or every hour or in a week? The documentary, The Social Dilemma, gives a visual of why your phone is so addicting and how it can affect your mental and...

Eagle Way News: November 15-20, 2020

Changes due to Covid Is the BLM movement still relevant? Submit photos of yourself so that you and your friends are in the yearbook!
November 15, 2020

The Magic of The Anchor House

The Magic of The Anchor House
How the community of Broomfield is creating a brighter future for teens and young adults in need
November 15, 2020

In the city of Broomfield, the community is remarkably close to one another and certain individuals come together to solve issues. For one issue, those individuals are a part of the Broomfield City Council...

Saving the School Year

Saving the School Year
BHS Student Council members are working hard to maintain school traditions in the virtual world
November 13, 2020

Despite the myriad challenges that have resulted from the coronavirus pandemic, Broomfield High School’s Student Council has been orchestrating interactive events for the student body to participate...

Coronavirus and College Applications

The college application process for the class of 2021 is unlike any class before.
Students illuminate their experiences with the college application process and receive advice on how to overcome COVID-19 related challenges.
November 8, 2020

Like most other aspects of people’s lives, the coronavirus has changed the college application process for students all across the nation. Many colleges and universities, including ones in the Ivy League,...

Eagle Way News: November 11, 2020

Library Use During Covid Few Fans at Friday Night Lights Genius Bar (Chromebook Repairs) Does Your Vote Matter? (opinion) Senior Photos Reminder
November 6, 2020

Library Use During Covid Few Fans at Friday Night Lights Genius Bar (Chromebook Repairs) Does Your Vote Matter? (opinion) Senior Photos Reminder


Senior Erin Fuller stares into the blank reflection of her Chromebook, contemplating life and the deep grips of senioritis.
The Secondary Plague of 2020
November 6, 2020

Senioritis is the biggest illness that occurs within students of the senior class. The effects are astronomical, the symptoms are practically incurable, and in this day and age of the COVID-19 pandemic,...

A Safer World Series

A Safer World Series
Devon DeVera and his father, Robert, were able to attend game 4 of the World Series in Arlington on October 24th. But was it somewhat normal given today’s circumstances?
November 4, 2020

The year 2020 was looking like it was going to be a year without sports. No baseball, no basketball, no football, no hockey. But after lots of tough decisions and hard work, commissioners and league members...

Top 5 Halloween Movies For 2020

From our horror movie expert: The best scary movies for those who hate being scared to those who crave that adrenaline rush
November 1, 2020

#1: House Of 1000 Corpses This is a classic in the horror genre and not recommended for the faint at heart. In this movie, a group of young travelers finds themselves in the backwoods of Texas searching...

Eagle Way News: Final Episode of the 2020 School Year

Mrs. Long; Senior Posters; Newspaper Staff Farewells
May 10, 2020

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