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Senior Advice

Seniors from the class of 2021 share some ideas on how to be successful and enjoy senior year.
Hampton Traylor and Rachel Ritzmann May 28, 2021

What’s the Most Challenging Ski Resort in Colorado?

Here's what BHS Students Think
Trent Finnegan, Staff Writer April 8, 2021

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Eagle Way News: December 6

Keeping it Real with Evan Wiggins
Andy Johnson, Evan Wiggans, and Alex Fulton December 6, 2020

I'm Thankful For....

I’m Thankful For….

These facts about Broomfield will give you a reason to be thankful this year.
Mia Gallegos, Editor-in-Chief November 20, 2020

What are you thankful for? This is a question that comes up a lot around this time of year as Thanksgiving approaches. Many of us (I am guilty of this myself) will give a half-hearted answer to this question...

The Social Dilemma

The Social Dilemma

A review of the documentary and the scary connection between social media and mental health. It's worse than you think.
Lauren Whitmer, Staff Writer November 16, 2020

Social media. How many times do you use it in a day or every hour or in a week? The documentary, The Social Dilemma, gives a visual of why your phone is so addicting and how it can affect your mental and...

Senior Erin Fuller stares into the blank reflection of her Chromebook, contemplating life and the deep grips of senioritis.


The Secondary Plague of 2020
Erin Fuller, Editor November 6, 2020

Senioritis is the biggest illness that occurs within students of the senior class. The effects are astronomical, the symptoms are practically incurable, and in this day and age of the COVID-19 pandemic,...

Top 5 Halloween Movies For 2020

From our horror movie expert: The best scary movies for those who hate being scared to those who crave that adrenaline rush
Thea Barragan, Staff Writer November 1, 2020

#1: House Of 1000 Corpses This is a classic in the horror genre and not recommended for the faint at heart. In this movie, a group of young travelers finds themselves in the backwoods of Texas searching...

The Hardest Classes at Broomfield High

The Hardest Classes at Broomfield High

Kansas Wood, Staff Writer March 12, 2020

Course requests were due March 2nd, and while students probably know which classes they signed up for, they may not understand the difficulty of the class. Seniors are the exception, having seen nearly...

Mom May Be Right On This One

Mom May Be Right On This One

The true benefits of using your cell phone less.
Avery Schmidt, Staff Writer March 12, 2020

The newest iPhone is in the pockets of most high schoolers across the world. The useful everyday tool is great for anything from communicating with family and friends to catching up on Kylie Jenner’s...

The Ups and Downs of Junior Year

The Ups and Downs of Junior Year

Erin Fuller, Staff Writer February 28, 2020

It’s the second semester of junior year, and I’ve kinda gotten into a groove. The workload is still huge and stressful, but I’m used to it now. I would have thought that the stress and anxiety...

Seize Senior Year — Don’t Wish it Away

With five months of high school to go, some reflections from one of our senior leaders: Sydnee Reichert
December 16, 2019

Some have been dreading the day we graduate, and for some it can’t come soon enough. Four long years of classes, homework, studying for finals, hanging out with friends, and going to football games are...

Get the A, not the Anxiety

Three simple tips to managing stress during finals week
December 16, 2019

Finals week is undoubtedly the most stressful week of the year. Between studying and worrying about final grades that teachers are scrambling to put into Infinite Campus, it can be extremely hard to...

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