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The Definition of a Girlboss

A student. An Eagle. A girlboss.

Known for her dedicated and strong-willed personality, Sorina Scohy (‘24) is a senior at Broomfield High. But, don’t confuse her with those seniors who catch the common “senioritis” because Scohy is too resilient to be kept down by some bug.

From the school marching band to honors programs, Scohy’s plate is always booked with accomplishing challenging, exciting tasks that have taught her to look at a challenge and decide to dive head first into its depths instead of hesitating.

This year, Scohy is the drum major for the Broomfield marching band. Though, what is a drum major?

According to Scohy, “For non-music people, I am the one at the front of the field, usually on the tall platform. I represent them as a student leader and conduct the band, helping guide them on the field as they march and play.” Every year, for the most part, the drum major changes, and Scohy worked to earn the position, proving herself capable and strong enough to represent the band in 2023.

Along with her leadership position in the band, Scohy has been playing in the band with low brass instruments (mostly baritone and trombone) since 5th grade.

While marching season ends halfway through the year, last year Scohy included winter percussion on her musical journey and plans to audition again this year for the pit in the musical.

To her, marching and concert band, winter percussion, and pit gives her a sense of community and a dedicated support system. It makes “long days at rehearsal fun,” Scohy said “All the members in the marching band are my friends. They make it welcoming.”

Leading from the Front: At practice, Sorina Scohy stands upon a raised platform to direct the marching band as they prepare for one of their many competitions.

Not only has Scohy dedicated herself to musical clubs, but she cares deeply about her academic career.

Over the years, she has taken several AP courses and has reserved several honors under her student belt. An avid member of National Honor Society, Women’s Leadership, and German Honor Society, Scohy knows a thing or two about dedicating herself to her goals and her future, when she plans to major in biology after high school.

As described by fellow band member Noah Burgtorf, Scohy is “hard-working, dedicated, and strong. A small but mighty leader.” If an event is happening at school, you can bet she has lent a helping hand or conducted an inspiring tune to go along with it.

So, outside of the chaotic school schedule of a girlboss, what does Scohy do in her free time? Other than spending long nights on a football field or at a desk, she loves baking and listening to her favorite music artists. She’s always down for a sushi trip with her besties or a movie night watching her favorite movie, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

To her, the most influential part of her life isn’t her grades or a celebrity, but her friends. They support her and push her to strive for her goals. They make her laugh and feel accepted for who she is.

Sorina Scohy is an Eagle. But more than that, she is a girlboss, an amazing friend, and a confident leader ready to tackle anything thrown her way. No matter what.

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About the Contributor
Sam Remington, Staff
Samantha (Sam) Remington is a senior this year at Broomfield High and in her first year on the Eagle Way. While she isn’t at school or work, Sam is indulging in hobbies like drawing, reading, and listening (a little too much) to her favorite music. Overall she would rather spend her weekend in her room forgetting to eat lunch while engrossed in a project than out and about. However, that doesn’t mean she isn’t down for a trip with her friends. From a big family and a triplet to two brothers, Sam is used to chaos and working hard to achieve her goals. This year she desires to work on the Eagle Way as a writer and an editorial cartoonist, hoping to add her creative flair to her future projects.

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    Susan CorreiaSep 24, 2023 at 5:43 pm

    Fabulous article! I love that uou’ve chosen a strong, independent woman for this. Well done!