Putting the Spirit into Spirit Week!


Mia Gallegos, Staff Writer

Spirit Week is one of the best weeks of the year. Student Counsel comes up with creative outfit ideas for each day according to the overarching theme of homecoming on that given year. Dressing up for each day can be a total blast, but finding the perfect outfit  can be challenging! Here are three ways you can find affordable outfits that are perfect for each day of Spirit Week.

  • Get Thrifty!

Buying a new outfit for each day of the week will eventually take a toll on your wallet. Thrift stores have tons of affordable and wacky clothing items that are great for any of your spirit week themes! When it comes to buying items for spirit week that might be more expensive, thrifting is the cheap and easy way to go!

  • A Buck Well Spent

The dollar store may be tacky and cheap on a regular day. During spirit week, it is the best place to find small accessories for each of the days outfits. Most of the items found at the dollar store will break after the first use. That is okay for a situation like spirit week! More often than not, spirit week is the only time you will wear the items purchased from the dollar store. Whether you’re looking for a cheap pair of sunglasses for “Beach Day” or some suspenders for your pants on “Nerd Day”, the dollar store has got you covered!

  • Something Borrowed!

Going through your parents old clothes or even maybe some clothes they wear today could provide for great spirit week outfits! An old band tee, belt buckle, or a shirt your dad wore on his Hawaiian honeymoon are all great options that could work for many of your spirit week themes! Ask and then go raid your parents’ closets! You may be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

These are all simple and affordable ways to dress up for Spirit Week. Pick what works for you and you should have the some of the best outfits for everyday of the week! Happy Homecoming!