Student Crossing

Crosswalks exist for a reason: safety


Rachel Lutz, Staff Writer

Crosswalks serve an important purpose, they are there for people to have a designated point to cross the road without having to dart out and hope no cars are coming (shocking, I know). Drivers know and can see that crosswalks are there, and are more cautious around them, since they know that people may be crossing the road there. However, many people, especially students, still don’t use the crosswalks.

After school you can see students quickly check from behind a parked car, and then run across the road, not on the crosswalk. Drivers usually can’t tell that someone is crossing the road directly in front of them and they are not expecting it. They can often be seen having to put on the breaks to make sure that they don’t run into the student. It makes the driver’s job harder to have to add that to the list of reasons to be on high alert.

Even though it might be little bit out of the way to go to the crosswalk, it is the safest for the pedestrians and the drivers. It may sound like a broken record by now, but it is important to use the crosswalks, they are there for a reason.