Swing Away!

Fast Five: Athlete of the Week with Maycee Bricker.


October 11-15, Athlete of the Week: Maycee Bricker.

Will Dennis, Staff Writer - Sports

1. What is your favorite pre-game song?
Bring em out by T.I.

2. What is your favorite pre-game snack?

3. How do you reflect on the season as it comes to an end?
I had a really fun season; something didn’t turn out the way we had wanted to. It was great to be with my best friends for one last time.

4. What was your favorite moment of the season?
My favorite moment of the season is when Elizabeth and I put up the flag before our game and there was a giant spider on the string so we sprayed it with wasp spray.

5. Who is another individual who has helped motivate or elevate your game?
My dad really inspired me to keep going and keep working for what I want.