Loveland Too Much to Handle in Week 5 for Broomfield

Loveland’s dominant run game knocks Broomfield down to 1-4, in a 35-12 in a lopsided affair

Carson Orvis, Staff Writer - Sports

Loveland came into this game with a very dominant run game, as they do every year.

Loveland’s quarterback got off to a hot start running the football, and led the Red Wolves down the field for a touchdown and first points of the game.

Down 7-0, Broomfield had a nice drive going throwing the ball, but the drive was cut short when quarterback Cole LaCrue (Jr.) threw a pick, trying to do a little too much.

Broomfield only allowed one more touchdown in the first half, but the offense still couldn’t put the ball in the end zone.
Loveland headed into the break with a 14-0 lead.

Coming out of halftime, Broomfield’s offense needed to score and the defense needed one or two stops to get back into the game.

The Broomfield offense continued to search for a rhythm, and then Cole LaCrue hit receiver Josh Dunn (Sr.) for a big play touchdown for about 40 yards. Dunn made a great fingertip catch to haul in the touchdown and narrow the deficit to 7.

On the next drive, Loveland got right back to doing what they’re great at. They stuck to their dominant run game and took the momentum back quickly with a touchdown, giving them a 21-6 advantage.

Broomfield’s offense looked to build on their last drive, but Loveland’s defense was too strong and forced the Eagles to punt.

Broomfield defense had been getting worn down all day by the Loveland rushing attack, and the Red Wolves scored again on their next drive.

Down 28-6, Broomfield needed to make huge plays happen quickly if they wanted a chance.

Cole LaCrue hit Josh Dunn for an 82 yard score, their second of the day. Lacrue was getting pressured and made a great play to escape the rush, and Dunn was able to find an open spot in the defense for a nice catch-and-run TD.

Loveland sealed the game with another TD, capping off a 35-12 win.

Eagle Analysis
Loveland came into this game as the defending state champions, and a good start to the season. This was going to be a very tough game for Broomfield, even after a big win.

Loveland’s run game has been so tough to stop for years. Their QB was big and athletic, and he was running behind a huge offensive line.

As the game went on, Loveland’s physicality kept wearing on Broomfield as was ultimately too much for the Eagles to handle. Loveland’s line got a really good push on about every play, and their runners were tough and fell forward on about every run. Their runners falling forward every play was giving them a couple extra yards each play which made a huge impact.

As for Broomfield, the offense wasn’t as effective as it had been in the first four games. Loveland was able to stop the run for the most part, and they got a ton of pressure on the quarterback in the passing game.

The pressure Loveland got completely derailed Broomfield’s offense. The only big plays Broomfield was able to make were LaCrue running around, evading pressure and making things happen.

The bright spot for this offense in this game was the same as it has been, the LaCrue-Dunn connection. Josh Dunn finished with 163 yard and 2 touchdowns, a seemingly routine performance for him at this point.

The Broomfield defense had their hands full in this game, and did make some nice stops. They had a few drives where they made a big play of two to get the offense back on the field.

Over the game, Loveland’s offense wore Broomfield down completely, and the defense struggled more as the game went on.