New Season. New Spotlight.

Broomfield’s most popular sports programs aren’t shining like the usually do, allowing other sports and clubs to get the spotlight


READY TO BUMB Sophie Bushmann & Emma Winter prepare to receive a serve in a recent game vs. Silver Creek.

Will Dennis, Staff Writer - Sports

Everyone can’t wait until the Friday Night lights, until your team ends up on the losing end.

Broomfield Eagles football is by far the most popular attraction that Broomfield High School has to offer. Picking up their first win of the season in a 28-7 blowout against Monarch High School, their record moved to 1-3 on the season.

Getting their first win was a big step in the right direction for this football team. But this doesn’t take away from their rough start.

Since 2018, they haven’t lost three games in a full season. It’s also the first time since their 2015 season that they have lost all three of their opening games.

The Eagles electric offense makes these games very entertaining to watch, but the lackluster defense makes it hard for the Eagles to win. This does give hope for the team; it’s early in the season and they still have time to hit their stride.

Although Broomfield’s performance at the games has been entertaining enough to have their student section show up and cheer, the return from a no-sports year makes people have more interest in other clubs offered around the school.

The Eagles soccer team, for example, who just two years ago had a 17-2-1 season, moved to 4-3 on the season after their win against Mountain View, scoring two goals in the process.

Even with three early losses, this team isn’t at their normal pace. With a big game coming up this afternoon against Fort Collins High School, their season is still very much in the air at this point.

With two of the biggest attractions underperforming this fall season, attention has shifted. The Eagles women’s volleyball team has been the center of attention.

After their 3-1 win against Fort Collins last Tuesday, the Eagles volleyball team’s record moved to 11-2 on the season. The support and recognition for this volleyball team is unlike any in the past. The student section in the gym is more full than ever.

More talk around the school has focused on this volleyball team and their incredible performances. With five more games left in their season, there is still plenty of time to see these girls do what they do best.

The Eagles varsity softball team has hit a stride with a record of 11-7 on the season. Their heartbreaking loss to Fossil Ridge last Tuesday ended their five game win streak. These girls should be able to get right back on track with a game against Silver Creek this Friday.

The Broomfield Eagles football and soccer teams’ underperformance is something that nobody wants to see, but it has allowed these other sports to shine in the absence of their victory. These teams are glad to see the recognition that they have been missing throughout the past years, and with the odd year that just happened, this recognition is definitely earned.

All Eagle sports are worth seeing, especially with the time that they have devoted to competing. So whenever you get some free time, make sure to attend one of their games and support your classmates and friends.