Eagles Fall to 0-2 in Tough Game at Longmont

Broomfield struggled to bounce back in week two against Longmont, suffering another tough loss 38-29, and falling to 0-2 on the year.

Carson Orvis, Staff Writer - Sports

Broomfield came out of the gates much stronger than they did in week one, getting an early interception from Blake Naranjo (Sr.), and putting the first points up on the board on a rushing touchdown, also by Naranjo.

After starting the game off well and getting some momentum, Longmont’s offense went to work and was efficient from the start. After trailing early, Keegan Patterson of Longmont led the Trojans to scoring 22 unanswered points.

Down 22-7, Broomfield’s offense stayed calm and Kaden Quintana (Jr.) rushed for a touchdown, capping off a drive midway through the second quarter.

After his defense gave up a touchdown, Longmont QB Keegan Patterson got his offense right back to work and hit his tight end up the middle of the field for a 36 yard touchdown putting Longmont up 29-15.

With the second quarter running down, Broomfield’s Cole LaCrue (Jr.) made a nice throw on the run to Josh Dunn who made a great juggling catch in the corner of the end zone. This score gave the Eagles momentum going into halftime, only down 7, and set to receive in the second half.

Both defenses had a strong third quarter, as the only points scored were a Longmont field goal, putting them up 32-22 going into the final quarter.

Down 10, Broomfield made a big stop, forcing a turnover on downs on their own 1 yard line. Broomfield desperately needed to cut it to a one possession game with about 9 minutes left in the fourth.

Broomfield’s offense came onto the field — 99 yards from the endzone — and put a phenomenal drive together, led by QB Cole LaCrue.

LaCrue led the Broomfield offense down the field escaping pressure and making plays on the ground along with making some key throws. The drive was capped by a rushing touchdown by Lacrue, cutting the Longmont lead to 3.

With about four minutes left, Broomfield had picked up some momentum. Down 32-29, the Eagles need to make a quick stop to get the ball back to the offense with time to put together a game-winning drive.

Just when the momentum shifted away from the Trojans, Longmont returned the kick to the Broomfield 25 yard-line, setting them up in a short field to put the game away.

With little time left, Longmont was able to come up with a couple first downs before their QB put the game away with a 1 yard touchdown.

Eagle Analysis

Broomfield got off to a much better start in week two than they did in week one which is something they need to keep up.

Longmont’s quarterback had a great game, totaling 437 total yards and 5 total touchdowns while completing 72% of his passes. He made big plays throughout the game rushing and throwing the football. His line gave him time and a clean pocket to make reads and be accurate while giving him enough push to be effective on the ground.

As for Broomfield, there were some positives that came from this game but also some things that can be learned.
Broomfield statistically had a good day running the ball. The team totaled 180 yards on 6.2 yards per carry with a couple touchdowns.

Josh Dunn was the focal point in the receiving game, catching 9 or the team’s 13 receptions, for 176 yards and a touchdown.
The defense also did some good things. They were able to force an interception and made a huge goal line stop.

As for some things to learn and improve on:

A turnover is really what sparked the Eagles early. If they can create more turnovers, they will get more of that spark that gets the whole team going that deflates the other team.

Another thing that hurt Broomfield was the amount of time Longmont’s quarterback had to throw. Getting more pass rush would really help the defense. Getting a couple sacks would of course be big, but more importantly, putting the other quarterback under some duress could fluster him and cause him to make some bad decisions. Putting the opposing quarterback under some pressure will also force more incompletions that will lead to more punts and offensive possessions.

Broomfield made some really nice plays and had more energy from start to finish in game two, which can continue to be built on to turn the season around.

Broomfield heads to All City Field to take on Denver South who is 1-1 on Friday, September 10.