Top 5 Halloween Movies For 2020

From our horror movie expert: The best scary movies for those who hate being scared to those who crave that adrenaline rush

Thea Barragan, Staff Writer

#1: House Of 1000 Corpses
This is a classic in the horror genre and not recommended for the faint at heart. In this movie, a group of young travelers finds themselves in the backwoods of Texas searching for offbeat roadside attractions but end up as prisoners of a bizarre and sadistic backwater family of serial killers. The group is now enduring an endless amount of terror and torture when murder starts to ensues. This movie is extremely gory, twisted, and meant for the type of people who are desensitized to things such as violence and gore. I did not put this on the list for its amazing quality, I put it on this list because of the immaculate and traditional storyline with the top tier gore and overall this movie will always be iconic.

#2: Creepshow
I decided to put this movie on this list because this is an old type of horror movie for the ones that want to enjoy this Halloween season with a movie but can’t handle nor like to be terrified. In this movie, there are five tales of terror shown and these tales are inspired by the E.C. horror comic books of the 1950s. These tales involve the dead rising from the grave, outer space objects causing an infestation of plant life, a vengeful husband burying his wife and her lover, a creature that hides in the shadows, and a rich businessman who gets his comeuppance from cockroaches. This movie is safe for people who want to watch scary movies but can’t due to the dislike of the feeling of fear because it lacks the essentials for a horrifying movie but it is still funny and ghostly because of its poor quality of acting and tacky jump scares. Overall, I really enjoyed this movie because of its good storytelling and classic horror theme of the 50s.

#3: Hereditary
For this type of movie, I recommended someone who can easily follow a complex storyline, handle violence and gore, and loves to feel the rush of adrenaline. In this movie, a family mourns the loss of their grandmother then they start to experience strange visions and compulsions that haunt the family for weeks. The mother and her daughter tap into the supernatural to deal with their grief but an unexpected death disrupts the family and this leads to complete chaos. I put this movie on this list because it is a masterpiece: the storyline is complex and the visuals are gory and terrifying. Overall this movie kept me on my toes and was a great production.

#4: In The Tall Grass
This movie is about a sister and brother who venture into a large field of tall grass in Kansas but come to realize there is no way out and that something evil lurks within. Why the sister and brother go into the grass is because they hear the cries of a young boy inside, but a sinister force quickly disorients and separates them and the worst is coming, the ones who have been lost in the grass for decades are coming after the two siblings. I recommend this type of movie to the type of people who enjoy the unknown, psychological thrillers, plus the feeling of exhilaration and why I say this is because in this movie you are constantly trying to connect the dots, figure out the overall meaning, and kept on the tip of your toes. Originated from Joe Hill and Stephen King’s book In The Tall Grass, the movie rendition almost meets the top tier quality of the book with its decent visuals and acting. I put this movie on this list because of the decent visuals and acting but also due to how it gave me an overwhelming feeling of anxiety and kept me locked in on getting a hold of the ending.

This is also another classic horror movie and recommended for anyone who is up for jump scares, suspense, and murder mysteries. In this 1969 movie after the murder of her mother a teenage girl and her town start to experience strange phone calls coming from a crazed serial killer looking for revenge, this calls consist of scary movie trivia but end with bloody pieces of innocent lives spread around the town of Woodsboro. This movie is twisted and violent, with many background stories, rage-inducing scenes, and plot twists. When I first watched this movie I was with my father, he put this movie on and told me it was a classic but when I was watching all I could think about was who is the killer and I do admit this was one of the few horror movies that genuinely scared me and made me jump. Lastly, this movie had a great and solid storyline, decent visuals and aesthetic, and had amazing acting with well-known actors.