Johns Hopkins Engineering Innovation


will kirk

Andy Johnson, Staff Writer

On June 22 – July 17, Johns Hopkins University is going to be hosting an interesting engineering course, Engineering Innovation, at Red Rocks Community College that includes exciting and challenging hands-on lab activities.

These lab activities will experiment with various fields such as chemical, electrical, mechanical, and civil engineering, and materials science.

Engineering Innovation is a great opportunity for the best and the brightest that Broomfield has to offer. Passing the course with an A or B gives the student three college credits from Johns Hopkins. Participants are also required that they have A’s or B’s in their high school math classes, as well as a few science classes.

The course requires that all participants have taken algebra 2, physics or chemistry, and trigonometry (or another math class that covers the use of trig functions).

Engineering Innovation costs $3000, and while that is quite pricey, the experience and the knowledge learned is worthwhile. The signup deadline is February 14th.

If this is something that you are interested in, talk to Mr. Long, who would be happy to give you all the information that you need!