Book Club is Back!


Kylie Wood, Staff Writer

Book club has started and is meeting every Thursday common lunch in the back of the library to read and discuss books.

“We’re reading a bunch of Battle of the Books books,” said senior member Elaiza Wilson-Roussel, “which include Took, Genius, Outrun the Moon, Orphan Monster Spy, and The Hunger Games.” These are just some of the books for this year. A full list is available by asking a member or Ms. Schissel, the school librarian and book club sponsor. 

Battle of the Books is an optional competition that book clubs across the state participate in. A team of five people reads ten books, then compete against other teams by answering questions on the books. The book club is not required to participate, but can if they have a team.

Surprisingly, book club members aren’t strictly required to read at all, either. Most do, but they can also join in the discussions after only having read the Sparknotes or knowing what others have told them. 

“Anybody can join at any time for book club. They’ll probably have to get caught up on what we’re reading, or they can just listen to the discussions. They don’t necessarily have to read,” said Wilson-Roussel. Despite this, many members still choose to read. Nobody is required to buy the books, as most are available either online or in print at the school library, or in multiple public libraries. 

“There’s an online library, run by our library, and there’s also the downtown library, and a bunch of other libraries so you don’t have to buy the books,” said Wilson-Roussel. 

You can join book club by showing up to a meeting on Thursday in the 3H room or by contacting Ms. Schissel or a member.