What Was The I Voted Sticker Competition?

The sticker designed by first-place winner, Sadie Martinez.

The sticker designed by first-place winner, Sadie Martinez.

Bella Arreola, Staff Writer

9th graders Sadie Martinez and Flynn Spellman collected their prizes after placing in the “I Voted” Sticker Contest, where the winning sticker design will be given to all the voters in Broomfield after the election. 

Competing with a total of 10 students from BHS, Sadie and Flynn knew they needed to be crafty to catch the attention of the audience and judges. Flynn created a sticker with all the lovely aspects that make Colorado memorable and Sadie designed an American flag-themed sticker. The final result mixes the aspects of Broomfield while incorporating American patriotism. 

Flynn Spellman’s sticker design.

Although completely different designs, both contestants made their way into first and third place in the competition. Winning third place design, Flynn received a $50 certificate to iPie. The first-place winner, Sadie, received a $100 certificate to Noodles and Co. Sadie says she has won multiple art competitions before and loves to draw for fun, however, would not be likely to pursue a career in design.