There Is Snow Way They Didn’t Give Us a Snow Day!


Hampton Traylor, Staff Writer

As winter approaches and snow begins to fall, Boulder Valley School District prepares for the possibility of snow days. 

With this week’s winter storm, some have been upset about the failure to cancel school. Contrary to popular belief, the decision to call a snow day is not up to Mrs. Ramsey, or the schools individually. BVSD has an entire team that is in charge of monitoring the weather, road conditions, sidewalks, and school grounds when weather hits. Making the call to close schools is not a simple process. 

Every day, BVSD is monitoring the weather in order to be better prepared for what’s to come. They continuously check forecasts and weather channels to watch for storms approaching. 

Most of the time, winter storms come in overnight, therefore, the team in charge has a meeting the night before in attempts to make a decision if possible, that way families have time to make arrangements for their children if need be.

By midnight, if snow is falling, the district sends snow removal crews to start shoveling the school grounds. 

Around 2 am, they send bus drivers out to drive around the paths of transportation to firsthand address the conditions of the roads. 

By 4 am, the crews that are sent to the schools can further judge the circumstances and report to the Assistant Superintendent of Operational Services who then recommends such to the superintendent. 

At 5 am, the school custodians thoroughly check schools, making sure they have power and functioning mechanical systems. 

If need be, the superintendent makes the call no later than 5:30 am. BVSD communications then post the decision on their websites, social media, local media outlets, and send email, text and phone alerts to parents, students, and staff. 

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