What is the Genius Bar?


Kylie Wood, Staff Writer

It’s a widely-known fact that our chromebooks are, sadly, not indestructible. Luckily, Genius Bar is here to repair broken chromebooks during fifth hour in the 200 hallway

Several students volunteer at the genius bar; they’re trained by IT to fix Chromebooks. Students can join through recommendation by a teacher, or by applying. 

Students who need their chromebook repaired should visit during 5th period or contact Mrs. Davidson directly. 

Some Chromebooks are more easily broken than others, Mrs. Davidson, chemistry teacher and leader of the genius bar, said. 

“The freshman Chromebooks are a delicate batch, but most are pretty sturdy.” According to Davidson, the most frequent repairs they do are of screens, batteries, and keyboards; most of which aren’t impossible to fix. 

“The worst we’ve seen is when someone’s dog ate their chromebook… or when one got ran over by a car and had Gatorade spilled all over it.” Davidson said. The tech team try and fix computers as best as they can, but if a chromebook is damaged beyond repair, the student will have to purchase a new one or a refurbished chromebook for cheaper.