The Leading Lady Eagles

Members of Women’s Leadership Improve BHS & Themselves


Kylie Wood, Staff Writer

The newly remodeled study center in room 722 has drawn the attention of students due to it’s recent remodel, but do they know the group that actually did it?

Women’s Leadership is a group of young women who meet once a week, committed to uplifting each other and developing leadership skills by giving back to their community. 

“As a group, we are dedicated to empowering women and serving our community while advancing our leadership, professionalism, and communication skills. We strive to develop strong relationships with our community members and provide a positive, uplifting environment for everyone around us”; that’s the aim of Women’s Leadership, according to their website. They meet every Wednesday morning to conference and work on their projects for that year. This year, that means remodeling room 722 and organizing their annual conference. 

The girls spent over six hours straight working on room 722 and are still adding finishing touches. More information on these changes can be found here

They also hold an annual conference bringing together women of all ages, races, and backgrounds to discuss and help each other overcome the challenges faced by women today. Last year, women there got to learn about topics like women in the workplace and even self-defense for no charge. 

Ryann Zechmann is a mentor for Women’s Leadership, along with three other girls. She described women’s leadership as something that “brings people together,” and expanded on how Women’s Leadership helped her gain confidence. “It helped me become less shy,” Zechmann said. One of the biggest effects Women’s Leadership has had on its members is fostering friendships and bringing together a “strong group of women united by their goals,” said Zechmann.

Women’s Leadership was founded in 2015 by former student Chloe Malecha and sponsored by Ms. Binion; starting with 20ish girls. The number of members has steadily increased until now, when they had to turn some girls away because there were too many; partially due to the change in the nomination process. Formerly, girls were selected and nominated by teachers to be in Women’s Leadership, but as of this year, a new self-nomination and application process was put into place.  

For those interested in applying to Women’s Leadership next year, please contact Ms. Binion or Ms. Carrol.