First Mario Kart Champion Crowned


Andy Johnson, Staff Writer

Are you an avid fan of the new Mario Kart Your mobile game? NEST held a Mario Kart competition during lunch on October 3rd. The winner, Nathan Mosley, received a gift card to Chick-Fil-A. If you missed out and want to have a chance to participate, talk to Mrs. Rapp to see if there will be any more competitions. 

The competition on the 3rd saw 8 people show up, and NEST is looking for more people to attend if there is another competition. Anyone can participate, just bring your phone and a good attitude. If you missed the opportunity, NEST may want to do it again, so if you really want a chance to win a prize, talk to Mrs. Rapp about continuing the competitions. Look out for posters in the hall or any announcements so you don’t miss out!