A Show Sure to Sell

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A Show Sure to Sell

Jack Vanderberg, Web Editor

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This year’s One Act Festival hosted by BHS Theatre is bringing some new content to the table that is sure to open some eyes.

Every year, members of BHS Theatre go out to either write or direct a small show for the collage of shows at the One Act Festival. This year, sophomore Erin Fuller wrote “Flannel,” and it caught the attention of many people.

Denver Center for Performing Arts ranked Fuller’s story as a top-ten student-written piece in the State of Colorado for 2018. After hearing this, Fuller decided she wanted it to be a part of this year’s One Act Festival. The production is about a homosexual teenage girl with a struggling single father.

Olivia Stone, the lead actress in the production, is excited for the show. “My biggest fear is just messing up my lines, honestly,” Stone says. “I don’t think anyone’s reactions are going to scare me off, I’m just more excited to show this to Erin. I don’t even know how long it probably took her to write this, but I just want to make her proud.”

Stone says one of the toughest things about this production is acting like someone she is not, but she is excited nonetheless. “My parents are coming to see this, my friends are coming to see this, my boyfriend is coming to see this… that’s gonna be funny,” Stone says. “I’m excited about that.”

Isa Lovato, the director of the production as well as Fuller’s girlfriend, shares Stone’s excitement.

“I’m really excited because it’s something new and it’s student directed,” Lovato says. “Normally an adult or someone with more experience is doing this, but when it’s student directed you get all of these new ideas and something that you wouldn’t really expect.”

When asked about the uniqueness and heavy aspects of the show, Lovato didn’t hesitate to defend it. “It’s not something that we would normally see in a school performance because it’s so… shocking,” Lovato says. “It’s not something you would talk about, it’s something you normally keep your mouth shut about in front of your family or your friends because it’s scary to talk about… but it’s important to talk about, so I’m glad we’re talking about it on the stage like this.”

Lovato expresses her nervous yet ambitious feelings to direct a show that her girlfriend has worked so hard to put together and is ready to let Fuller see the beauty of her writing now on stage.

In addition to Fuller’s piece, the One Act Festival will be featuring many more student-written and student-directed performances, including a western-styled murder mystery, a comical first date guide, a look behind the scenes at a show’s final dress rehearsal, and more.

The festival will be hosted on Thursday, April 4th and Friday, April 5 in the BHS Auditorium. Seven shows, $7 entry, 7:00PM.

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