Appreciating Mr. Kelly


Hannah Belmont, Staff Writer

Ever had a teacher you looked up to? A person you wanted to be like? Or had a teacher that has left an impact? For Mr. Kelly, he found his career through one of his own teachers. If you haven’t ever met Mr. Kelly, he is one of Broomfield’s most wonderful science teachers. He teaches Advanced Anatomy, Anatomy, and Biology; he leaves many of his students with big dreams for science futures.  

At Broomfield, Mr. Kelly teaches alongside his wife, Mrs. Kelly, who teaches spanish. Recently, they have welcomed a new baby. Mr. Kelly says his favorite thing to do outside of school is “to take care of his baby.”

Teachers can have large impacts on students and are able to lead them down career paths. For Mr. Kelly, he found his passion for teaching right here at Broomfield when he was a student. He says “I choose to teach science actually [because of] Mr. Little. When I took anatomy with him, I was like ‘oh, I could do that, that seems like a fun job,’ and he made science and actually the school in general fun for me. Before I had him as a teacher, I wasn’t too invested in school but after I took that class with him I was like this is awesome.”

Now that Mr. Kelly is a teacher, he says his favorite part about being one “is how everyday is different, no two days are the same and it’s pretty unpredictable and that something