JV Poms Take State


Mia Gallegos, Staff Writer

The Broomfield Poms Junior Varsity took home a victory at last weekend’s state competition. The girls worked hard at practices and the competitions leading up to state to bring home their first win of the season at the state competition. After their successful performance, the girls ran off the floor screaming and crying tears of joy.

“We were crying. I can’t believe that just happened.” said freshman Avery Schmidt after their best performance yet. Not knowing the results, the girls anxiously waited to find out what the judges had decided about of their performance.

“I don’t even care if we win. I’m just really proud of how it went.” said freshman Bella Eylens proudly.

The time came for the girls to find out the scores. They headed to the floor and sat down in a circle. As the announcer said that he would be telling the JV Hip Hop results next, the girls grabbed hands and looked to the ground, silently hoping that the results were in their favor.

“And in first place, give it up for the Eagles from Broomfield!” said the announcer over the loudspeakers. The girls leapt from the ground and shouted in cheers of victory. Tears streamed down the happy faces of each of the team members. Coach Ali McCormick was thrilled.

“It was a really big surprise to me because there’s a lot of talented teams there,” Ali said with a smile on her face. “I was just very overjoyed and very proud of my girls!”

This is the first year that the Broomfield Poms JV team has won a state title. Make sure to congratulate the team’s members for breaking this record at Broomfield High School!