Too Old For Dress-Up?

How old is “too old” for Halloween?


Mia Gallegos, Staff Writer

The main event of October is Halloween. You choose whatever or whoever you want to be for one night. Venturing out into your neighborhood to show off your costume can be the highlight of your night. But the decision of what to dress up as gets harder and harder as you get older. Once you reach a certain age, costumes become a decision of even wanting to dress up at all. Do we ever reach an age where we become too old to dress up for Halloween? Or are there other obstacles keeping us from dressing up for the festivities?

As a child, it is easy to dress up. You have the pretty standard selection of costumes, usually containing something along the lines of fairies, firefighters, superheroes, and animals of every kind. These simple and easy costumes can last you from age two to around age thirteen. Once you get past this age, it becomes hard to find costumes you haven’t already dressed in during your earlier years of celebrating Halloween. Coming up with original costume ideas can be hard; on top of this difficulty, endless amounts of homework and extracurricular activities give you almost no time to go out and actually put your costume together. “I don’t have time to get anything” said sophomore Melanie King, when asked why she wasn’t planning on dressing up this year. Loss of interest in dressing up is also a likely occurrence.

As you get older, you aren’t necessarily out growing Halloween. Homework and extracurriculars are only scratching the surface of the hurdles that hinder our ability to dress up for Halloween. All ages can dress up and go have a great night trick-or-treating with friends. There’s no outgrowing the fun and all the memories that come along with it.