Don’t Worry, Be Healthy

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Don’t Worry, Be Healthy

Ana Cole, Staff Writer

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We all know that teenagers are usually stressed and busy. When we’re always on the go, we don’t have time to eat a healthy breakfast or pack a nutritious lunch. When we don’t eat well, it makes it hard to focus and be in a good mood all day. This is something that I really struggle with. This past week I tried some foods that I could pre-make to get myself going easier in the mornings, as well as foods that would give me more energy throughout the whole day.

Of course I had to make a list of the foods that I was planning on eating during the week. These are the two that I narrowed my list down to.

  1. Acai bowls for breakfast
  2. Homemade burrito bowls for lunch

For dinners, I decided that my parents would do a good job making something healthy after poms practice.

It seemed kinda hard at first; having to wake up a little earlier to make my breakfast and pack my lunch. The first thing that I noticed was that my acai bowls were waking me up a little bit more in the mornings and they gave me more energy. It didn’t fill me up as much as my breakfast usually does but it kept me awake and alert for the first part of the day.

For my lunches, I previously mentioned that I created homemade burrito bowls. My mom helped me make the ingredients the weekend previous. We made rice, corn salsa, and black beans. I noticed that these put me into a better mood the rest of the day. Since there’s protein and grains in the bowls, it made me feel healthier and more up beat. It also made me focus much more intensely than I usually would.

Coming home from practice at 6, I noticed that I was already in a better mood after the first day of eating better. This made it easier to focus on my school work, which made me get to bed earlier as well, immediately putting me in a better mood the next morning.

Overall, what food you put in your body has a direct effect to your mood and your levels of stress. This past week, I noticed everyday I woke up in a better mood than the day previous. I was focusing better and wasn’t feeling as stressed. I would highly recommend eating healthier. Don’t worry, be healthy!

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