Speakers Stir Curiosity in Government Students

Mr. Marchi hosts a variety of local guest speakers.


Brooke Dubs, Staff Writer

This week, four local government officials visited BHS and provided insight to Mr. Marchi’s sixth period AP US Government.

It’s not even a month into school and classes are already getting interesting. The purpose of the government officials’ visit was to promote the importance of our local government.

This Monday, Mayor Randy Ahrens spoke, Tuesday was Chief of Police Gary Creager, Thursday was Michael Susek who works in the Elections Division, and Friday is Kent Davies who works in Emergency Management.



Mr. Marchi hopes to “make government real and applicable instead of an abstract thought,” and through these guest speakers, this hope is most definitely in reach.

The connections students have made in the past with these guest speakers have been remarkable: a number of volunteer and internship opportunities have blossomed in response to these speakers, Mr. Marchi said.

Local government is becoming tangible rather than “abstract,” according to Mr. Marchi.

When reflecting back on Mayor Randy Ahrens’ speech, freshman Gretchen Metz stated, “You think Broomfield is just a small town, but you realize how much significance it actually has […]. He just seemed so proud to be here, and it [his speech] made me feel like we have a good government.”

These speakers are getting through to students, emphasizing just how important our local government is.