Sam Hahn: The GOAT

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Sam Hahn: The GOAT

Sidney Poulsen, Staff Writer

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Known for his outstanding leadership skills, his kind, welcoming personality, and involvement within the Broomfield community, Sam Hahn has been demonstrating his passions throughout his high school career.

Sam Hahn, a Junior here at Broomfield High School, works endlessly day to day, staying busy in the several activities our school has to offer, including: Student Council, Blue Crew, Mock Trial, National Honors Society, Men’s Leadership, and Men’s Swim and Dive. Along with extracurriculars and activities, Sam is taking all advanced and AP classes. Being the busy teenager Sam is, he has challenges. “Staying on task this year,” Sam explains is one of his biggest setbacks. “There is a lot I can focus on, and a lot I feel I should focus on. It’s hard to get things I have to focus on done, and to really dig in and focus on them. The biggest struggle for me has been BC Calc because I love learning about it, but I keep not doing well on tests. It’s hard to get a test back and not get the grade I want. I have to keep putting in my best effort.”

Intrinsically, being a good representation of himself is what he strives for.  “I’ve been given a lot. I have a good situation with my family, and lots of blessings,” Sam expresses. “It makes the most sense to me to use those gifts and to take advantage of them. I do my best work in recognition of the things I have with regard to my potential.”

Similarly,  Sam’s two older brothers were absorbed in the same hobbies and activities. It’s rare to find siblings captivated with alike interests; though this isn’t true for the Hahn family. Sam has followed their footsteps—whether it is in sports or other extracurriculars. Jacob Hahn, the second oldest brother, was very active in Student Council, something Sam has always been envious of. “I learned a lot from his leadership style, his interactions from other people, the support he gave to other people, and the hard work and dedication he put in.” Working on the Homecoming Assembly, which is put on by Student Council, is one of Sams greatest accomplishments, and he hopes  he can put toward as much effort Jacob put into it that made it so great.

“I want to have a story that’s told about me when I leave. I’d like to have one of those stories people tell when I move on from high school. I’ll still be remembered as someone who is passionate and driven, and put more into the school than I took out.”

As Sam approaches his final year at Broomfield, many have expressed what they are excited to see Sam do in his near future:

“I have always seen Sam work to make a difference. Whether that is as a politician or working for a non-profit. I am excited to see the positive change Sam will create” -Jacob Hahn

“I’m excited to see him spread his positivity and excitement for life to other people in the same way he spread it to me. I always tell him what a fantastic person he is, and of course are his amazing handshakes and hugs. He is the most comforting person you will ever find and it will take him super far.” -Noemi Peterson

“I think Sam will not only be a good leader throughout the rest of high school, but with all the other aspects of his life.” -Sarah Rosenblum

“I think Sam could do anything he wants to. He’s just got such a drive for the things he does. If he wants to do something, you’d better bet he’ll do it. And he’s such a people person, too. Everyone knows and loves him, and if someone doesn’t know him then a) I lied, and b) they’re missing out. I have no idea what I see him becoming in the future because I could see him being so many things. Whatever he does in the future, I just hope I’m there with him somehow.” -Jack Vanderberg

Sam, your work will never be forgotten and your legacy will live on. Thank you.

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