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Tino Martinez, Staff Writer

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Throughout every week, trash continues to pile up along the fence and scatters  around the stadium field. Every day, students go to lunch and come back and leave their trash everywhere except  the trash bin. After each week of storing trash in our school’s parking lots, and wind blowing all afternoon, that trash piles up on the fence and throughout the area.  

Janitors can spend hours picking up the students trash that is left all over the school. About 62 percent of Broomfield seniors admit to littering in our school’s parking lots within the last year. The janitors of Broomfield would like the students to know, “The janitors aren’t your mom’s. If you could pick up after yourself, we would appreciate it.”

Littering isn’t seen as a problem in our society, but littering  is a huge problem. Trash contains chemicals, molds, diseases, and bacteria. People and animals come in contact with these harmful toxins and can potentially get sick, or worse—die. If any trash comes in contact with water, the chemicals and other harmful substances coming from the trash begin to permeate. As the sun comes out and heats up the water, that water evaporates along with those harmful chemicals.  Trash that was once on our streets is now polluting the air we breathe. Even the plant and animal life who live off our Earth’s water can be harmed from our toxic waste. Fish living in this toxic water are filled with chemicals from our trash, and we eat the fish, then we are harming ourselves with our own toxic waste.

There are many trash cans throughout the school’s parking lots, but the trash never seems to make it where it needs to go. Trash cans are also placed by every entrance, and throughout the building.

As help to the environment and to Broomfield High School, please pick up your trash and throw it away in the bin.

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Tino Martinez, Staff Writer

Tino Martinez lives in Broomfield, Colorado. He’s a seventeen-year-old senior. He loves to play soccer and run track. He’s been to state for both sports....

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