Tutor Time No More?

Sidney Poulsen, Staff Writer

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Within the last week, rumor is Tutor Time may be cut from Broomfield’s regular school schedule. Tutor Time has served students as a time to receive help from teachers if they don’t understand concepts, if they missed school and need to catch up, or to simply get work done in an educated atmosphere.

During the first semester of the school year, tutor time is offered Thursdays after sixth period. Once freshman seminar comes to an end, Tutor Time is added to Thursday mornings from 7:30 till 8:05. Unfortunately, the majority of Broomfield students don’t use Tutor Time wisely; instead, many see Thursdays Tutor Time as an extra 40 minutes to sleep in or as an early release once sixth period is over. To say one is too smart for tutor time, or doesn’t ever need help is abstruse to comprehend.

The lack of attendance during Tutor Time has lead the administration contemplating if it is worth continuing this study hall opportunity. Many students who do take advantage and benefit from tutor time are finding themselves stressed and worrying about what they are going to do without it. Although there are several students who have off periods, there are still many who have a regular seven period class schedule and Tutor Time is the only time during the week  they can  talk to their teachers during school hours. Even for those who have off periods find it difficult to talk to their teachers because they are busy teaching class.

Whether tutor time will continue, another question is raised as to what will fill its place. Will it really become an early release? Or does the school have something else planned?

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