Dedicated, Care for Others, Generous & Stubborn: Is Every Teacher an Aquarius?

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Dedicated, Care for Others, Generous & Stubborn: Is Every Teacher an Aquarius?

Sidney Poulsen, Staff Writer

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When you think of Zodiac signs, what comes to mind? Do you believe in them? For many, zodiac signs play an important role in their daily lives. Especially with today’s society, where social media makes them almost impossible to avoid. Snapchat: “This Quiz Will Reveal The Zodiac Sign Of Your Future Soulmate” or “What It’s Like To Date Every Zodiac Sign”. Instagram has countless pages filled with daily posts based on the Zodiac signs, they say who you are, how you act, and anything else to keep attracting followers. Leaving their  viewers wondering if what their Zodiac sign says is actually true, is the goal. Should your Zodiac sign be an excuse to the way you act then? Cool, you’re a Virgo, but that doesn’t justify why you’re so rude, or why you don’t have any emotions.

Out of all the occupations in the world, could your Zodiac sign reveal the type of job you will “most likely” have. For example, those who are born within the dates of March 21st to April 20th have the Zodiac sign Aries. One who is an Aries, based on a Pinterest post, are the heroes of our lives and make good police officers or firefighters. Libras and Cancers are good journalists, and Aquarians are made out to be teachers.

Teachers. We either love them, or not so much. Most students would describe them negatively; stubborn, intolerant, cynical. Some would say teachers are passionate, open-minded, and kind. All of these traits are those from the Astrological zodiac sign, Aquarius. Despite believing  who you are  because of your Zodiac sign, there is no accurate data to support such an argument (look at teachers birthday below). Mrs. Brown, part of the math department here at Broomfield, shared her personal opinion of Zodiac signs by expressing how she believes in God, and that she believes your birthday doesn’t define who you are as a person. There are, however, teachers who do believe and base their lives on what their Zodiac sign is. Mrs. Nitchoff expressed her enthusiastic interest in Zodiac signs and follows her own.


Teachers’ Birthdays here at Broomfield

Mr. Dunn-Jan. 12: Think they’re cool, kind of believes in the horoscopes

Mr. Lay-Feb. 16th: Thinks some of the stuff he reads is freaky

Mr. Kelly-Jun. 23rd: doesn’t believe in horoscopes

Mrs. Nitchoff-Jun. 9th: believes in Zodiac Signs

Mr. Reynolds-Feb. 14: doesn’t necessarily believe in Zodiac Signs


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