The Eagles of Broomfield – Mr. Zechman


Steph Peterson, Staff Writer

“Hi, if the supervolcano in Wyoming were to blow up tomorrow, what would I do today? Well I would leave school right now that’s for sure. I would go get my children and spend a nice quality day with them and do some things that are out of the ordinary.We would maybe go for a hike, and maybe do a little fishin’ , and then if I had a little extra time maybe hop into the truck and drive as far as I possibly can away from the volcano. I might try something new like chicken noodle soup. I have never tried chicken noodle soup before because I hate birds. I have a weird thing with birds. I’m afraid of them, and I’m afraid of their meat. I have had chicken before, but with no bone so I can close my eyes and pretend it’s pork. I’m not that way with other animals, I just see birds and I want to kick them. Just the dead ones that is.”