“What Rivalry?” Broomfield’s Legacy

My reflection on the Broomfield Legacy rivalry after four years and zero football wins.

Allison Eichner, Editor in Chief

“What rivalry?” Legacy’s banner taunted from across the field. I was hoping that this year would be the year that I could finally see the Eagles pull away with a win against our crosstown rivals. Ultimately that wasn’t the result. For the fourth year in a row, I bought a Big Mac after the game to cope with the loss and went to bed. I felt like a parent when their kid messes up: not mad, just disappointed. But, I couldn’t shake the question that our opponent had posed.

What rivalry? It seems like there hasn’t been any competition for five years, at least from Legacy’s perspective. A good rivalry consists of two competitors consistently trying to one-up each other, so can it be considered a rivalry if one of the competitors is always trying to play catch up? Every year, as a school, we pour ourselves into this one night, this one game, this one result, and, at least during my time as an Eagle, we’ve never seen the desired outcome.

What rivalry? Why do we keep fighting back? Do we just hate Legacy that much or has our hope and optimism simply not faded over these last five years? Probably a little of both. When it comes down to it, this rivalry we have with Legacy is more than just a football game: it’s a rivalry of heart.  

What rivalry? We are defending more than the Mayor’s Cup  (a title we own, by the way), we’re defending our name: Broomfield. This is our home and our town, so obviously we’re going to fight back when someone new thinks they can walk right in. We’re fighting for our community and all those who have walked these halls before us. With a name like Broomfield we have a lot to take pride in, but also a lot to care for. Our traditions and our honor are not to be taken lightly.

We’re not just Eagles. The eagle mascot is the most popular mascot in the entire United States. We are defined by our character and our combined ethic, that which was established before many of us were even born.We are more than a CHSAA attendance number that determines our classification. We are more than our win-loss record.

Broomfield Eagles take care of one another in hard times. They encourage each other in good times and take pride not just in their own successes, but in the success of their peers as well. Eagles have pride in where they’re from. They understand that they will always represent Broomfield and the community, no matter who else moves in down the street. Eagles have heart. They possess integrity as individuals that when put together is the makings of an inspiring group.  

In my mind and in my heart, there is no rivalry. This is our town. So, we lost to Legacy, again. But I don’t think we’re losing. To be an Eagle is much more than winning a football game, but if winning one football game is more important to you, you can always go down the street.