The Eagles of Broomfield – Jacob Hahn


Emily DiGregorio

“I hate Donald Trump. He is demining, does not understand politics, he claims that he is an outsider, and claims that he is going to transform, but really he is not.


Have you seen all of his picks? Not a single one of them has experience, or they do not make sense for their job description at all.


The upcoming Department of Energy graduated with a 2.0GPA in Animal Sciences. That does not make sense. Our current Department of Energy is ran by a man who is a Nuclear Physicist who has experience and a degree from Stanford University. Our upcoming is going to be a man who has no understanding of Nuclear Physics, no understanding of electricity or energy uses, and only got the job because he paid a lot of money.


With our upcoming Secretary of Education, I am happy that I will no longer be in the public school district because our public education is going to be completely changed forever. She and her family have paid 200 million dollars just to the Republican party, which is most likely the reason she got this job. She could not even answer questions when asked about public education laws. She was arguing that guns should be allowed in schools and claimed that there are schools in Wyoming that have guns to protect against bears; but when the schools were asked, they said they do not have guns at all in their buildings and instead have other forms of protection against bear attacks. Guns are unnecessary in a public school.


She also believes in voucher programs for private education. The issue with that is that you have private schools that teach Creationism or Christianity and they are getting funding from the government even though they are not required to meet national standards like all public schools are. Public schools today are required to meet growth and certain standards for each of their subjects and students in order to get government funding, while private schools do not receive government funding because they are not required to reach those certain standards. However, she believes that we should give private schools money even though they do not have to reach those requirements or teach specific subjects. That is outrageous. They should NOT get government funding because it is not preparing them to be a citizen; it is preparing them to become a Christian citizen.


We live in a country where not every citizen should be a Christian. We should not have to live in a country where everything is based on Christianity. We should live in a country that is based upon a multitude of religions, freedom of religions, and freedoms to not have to practice a religion at all.


Honestly, I do not think that Donald Trump is going to do anything in office. He does not have the support, and, in all honesty, I think that he is just a puppet to either Putin or another political episery within his cabinet. It could be just Pence running the presidential office from behind the scenes, which would also be awful. Pence still believes in electrocuting and torturing gay people to get the “gay” out of them, which is horrible and terrifying. Our Vice President tried to use our tax money to make gay conversion therapy free for all.


That is the state of our politics right now.”