Athlete Of The Week: Michaela Stark

Elaine Weber, Staff Writer

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Michaela Stark is a name known in the soccer community across the state, revered by coaches and feared by defenders. She’s been blessed with the bloodlines for athletic greatness- big and strong enough to knock a defender down, and yet still able to move with a speed almost unparalleled in the Front Range League.


Watching her play, you’d never guess that a few years ago she was laying in a hospital bed with an injury that would have discouraged a weaker player from ever stepping on the pitch again. Everyone knows Kayla’s leg-to-goal-post story, even those who were too young to have been in the soccer program when it happened. To get through that and become a player of the caliber that she is, to even get through it at all, speaks volumes about her personality. Michaela is driven, and hardworking, and dedicated, with a presence that dominates the field.


Off the field, it’s not much different. She’s a natural leader who knows that the best way to find success is by example, an example that can be seen by her teammates, her opposition, and the fans who watch her play every week. It can also be seen in stats. It’s worth mentioning that Michaela is on 23 goals for the season so far- outscoring even her sister Brittney Stark, who is one of the truest goal-scorers to ever come through the program. It’s also worth mentioning that every year that Kayla’s been part of the program, she’s helped lift the team into the State finals.
Along with sister Brittney and teammates Brooklynn Mooney and Jessica Mooney, Michaela will be continuing her soccer career next year at the University of Wyoming, where she hopes to bring them the same success she’s brought us.

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