Athlete Of The Week: Michael Genge

Kelsee Mascarenas, Staff Writer

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As of November 5th, with twelve shutouts in seventeen games, senior Michael Genge, the boys’ soccer goalie, has caught The Eagle Way’s the Athlete of the Week recognition. He has fulfilled the position of captain for his second year, becoming a leader on and off the field.

The boys’ team is currently in the midst of an intense playoff run. Although the tensions remain high for all, Michael played an outstanding game in the first two rounds of the playoffs.

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The keeper position is a crucial element of any team’s success. “I feel a lot of pressure because [the] mistakes I make [are] way more obvious than in any other position,” Michael said. “I like the pressure and being able to save shots and try to not get scored on.”

In the first playoff game against Smoky Hill, Michael protected the team’s lead with another shutout.  He saved a penalty kick and many other shots. Head coach, Jim Davidson, addressed Michael’s performance in the game: “When Michael made the penalty kick save, which was a phenomenal save, I think it just went really well from there.”

The second round game demanded more impressive saves from Michael. Within the first fifteen minutes of the game, he made several important saves and punches that helped to keep his teammates composed in the face of a Ralston Valley offensive push.

While Michael is one of the best goalies in the state, he recognizes the quality and importance of his defending core of Tyler Hulst (12), Tyler Duggan (12), Justin Hamm (12), and Daulton Logan (11). “They prevent a lot of shots from even coming at me,” said Genge. “They are also extremely organized and do well to shut down the other team.”

Catch the boys’ quarterfinal game this Saturday morning against Cherry Creek at 5PM at Elizabeth Kennedy Stadium.

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