With Mr. Shelton Leaving, Broomfield is Losing a Great One. But More Importantly, Prairie View is Gaining an Amazing Leader.

After two incredibly impactful stints as Broomfield High School’s Athletic Director, Mr. Shelton will become Prairie View High School’s new principal in the fall.


Carson Orvis

After two stints as Athletic Director at Broomfield High, Mr. Steve Shelton will be the next Principal of Prairie View High School in District 27J.

Carson Orvis, Staff Leader - Sports

Mr. Shelton’s impact on Broomfield is one that will be nearly impossible to emulate.

For years, Shelton not only made sure that athletics ran smoothly — he was also one of the members of Broomfield’s staff that made being an Eagle incredible.

Principal Ginger Ramsey certainly didn’t have a shortage of positive comments on Shelton as an athletic director as well as a person.

The first word Ramsey came up with when describing Sheltan was a “rock.”

She said Shelton’s relentless dedication made him so special.

“You see him at every event and he’s very supportive of students… He is such a key person in our building and makes things run, giving me very little to worry about,” Ramsey said.

Ramsey was sure to point out how much Shelton cares about students and how that side of him impacted Broomfield.

“My number one priority as a principal is to hire people who are good with kids, and he has that unique connection for all of our students.”

Mr. Shelton has had an impact on so many people at Broomfield, and he also pointed out how great of an impact Broomfield had on him.

Shelton said, “What sets Broomfield apart and makes this such a special place is the climate and culture that has been created. We have created a setting where our kids want to be successful in all realms of high school, and that is what I’m going to miss most about Broomfield.”

Over the course of multiple years at an incredible place like Broomfield, Shelton certainly experienced so many amazing moments, and there was one moment that he will remember the most.

“Moving from 4A to 5A in all sports except football was a huge step for this school, and soccer winning the state title in our first year in 5A was huge. We were able to realize as a school that we could compete and win at the highest level. That championship set the tone going forward, and pretty much everything else fell in line, starting with girls basketball having a great year in 5A. There was so much concern about making the jump to 5A, so when boys soccer stepped up and won state it showed that we were where we deserved to be.”

Mr. Shelton’s time at Broomfield will forever be remembered, but even more importantly he is going to have an incredible impact on more students and families at Prairie View as principal.

Mrs. Ramsey has absolutely no doubt Shelton will have great success in his new role:
“I am so excited for him to be a principal. I mean, his ability to work with adults and students is special.”

She made sure to point out some qualities in Mr. Shelton that made him fit to be a principal.

“What I love about Steve is he’s so calm. He can make those tough decisions and he can get people behind every move he makes. And he’s not going to shake a finger at you. He’s an excellent listener and will always be there to help any student work through any issue,” Ramsey said.

Not only are the people of Broomfield happy for Mr. Shelton’s next journey, he himself is ready to take the next step and is excited for the opportunity.

“For me, I feel like the high school principal is the ultimate leadership role. Keeping hundreds of kids happy along with their parents, teachers, and staff means hard decisions will have to be made, and I’m excited for that responsibility,” Shelton said.

He was sure to talk about why this is the right time in his life to make the move.

“I’m at a point in my life where I was lucky enough to have my kids graduate from Broomfield, and I now have the time it takes to be a principal. You think about the hours Mrs. Ramsey puts in to be a great leader for this school, and now that I have that time, I’m excited to attack that same challenge.”

Mr. Shelton has done so much for Broomfield, and most everybody has nothing but incredible things to say about him.

There’s no doubt he’s fit to be a principal and will do an incredible job, and while he will be missed, the entire Broomfield community will be behind him as he moves into the next chapter in his life.