Special Students Making Special Cards

The students in the Special Education class have tons of fun making and assembling bright and colorful cards


Rachel Lutz, Staff Writer

The ILC has been selling cards in the classroom for a long time. It is still going strong, selling student-assembled cards, but now has a new addition: student-made cards. These cards were — you guessed it — made by students in the ILC!

The students used paint on pieces of paper to make little furry shapes and circles that they later glued eyes, ears, noses, and mouths onto. One student even used a spinner to create vibrant paint spirals of white, yellow, pink, and more. Once the shapes dried, the students would work together to put the cards together in an assembly line fashion. One student would put sticky tape-like pieces on the back of the art and pass it down to the next student, who would attach it to a folded card. Then it would continue with students putting “made by student” stickers on the back, putting an envelope with it, and sliding it into a plastic covering.

The finished and assembled cards go into a display rack hanging on the cabinets, for students and staff to view and purchase. Sometimes, on particularly slow days, students go through the halls selling cards. One student would do this, using their switch to enthusiastically say “Would you like to buy a Valentine’s Day card?”

They don’t sell just Valentine’s Day cards however, they also sell cute panda, pig, and chicken cards. Not to mention the favorite of many- the paint spiral flowers.They sell all of these cards for 1 to 2 dollars, and the money goes back into the project, allowing for new supplies, such as paint and cardstock, to be bought.

Not only is it an awesome project in the ILC, but it is a lot of fun for the students to make and sell, and is a great place to go if you need a card. So, stop by the ILC -room 857- some time and support this project.