Chat GPT is Here to Stay

Chat GPT has Recently Emerged as a Useful, yet Harmful Artificial Intelligence Software


Carson Orvis, Staff Writer

What is Chat GPT?
It’s no secret that when students are assigned to write an essay that many first look to how they can work around actually writing the essay.
Cheating on an essay has never been particularly simple, until now.
An Artificial Intelligence software called Chat GPT has recently been released, and it is taking the world by storm.
With Chat GPT, you can insert any type of prompt and the software will spit out a (more or less) well-written product.
There are different subscriptions for Chat GPT, but there is a free version that anyone can use, and it’s remarkable what it can do. Whether you need an informational piece on a wildlife habitat or a summary of a book, the A.I. is able to do it for you.
The product is nothing short of shocking, but it is still young and has its flaws.
People have found that there are different mistakes that come up throughout most of the work Chat GPT comes up with.
The grammatical issues that come with the software are fixable in the future, but Chat GPT’s biggest hurdles are going to be in the realm of things like accuracy, plagiarism, and keeping up with the present.
Papers written by Chat GPT are currently vulnerable to be flagged down for plagiarism, which is going to be tough to overcome. Unlike computers, people have the ability to re-word information. This level of intellect seems impossible for a computer, but at this point, A.I. is capable of anything.
Keeping up with current events is another issue that OpenAI, the creator of Chat GPT, even admitted to. The company said that its software has “limited knowledge of world events after 2021.”
What Chat GPT can do is nothing short of shocking, but at this moment, because of the different issues within the system, it isn’t reliable to use for a class paper or an article.

What Are We Supposed to Think of Chat GPT?
Right now, Chat GPT isn’t at all reliable, but that doesn’t mean the future of it should be disregarded.
The capabilities of not only Chat GPT, but other A.I. software is extremely dangerous.
The writing software was released just three months ago, and can already do things that few people ever imagined a computer doing.
The fact that Chat GPT can already do what it does should have people worried about the potential of it.
Elon Musk has been one of the people ahead of the A.I. curve, as in 2018 he said that “A.I. has the potential to be more dangerous than nuclear weapons,” and sure enough, Artificial Intelligence is taking over in front of our very eyes, and Chat GPT is the latest example.
The emergence of Chat GPT has even forced some of the biggest companies, such as Google, to invest millions of dollars into combatting the software.
It is a bit terrifying to look forward and imagine what Chat GPT could become and how it could potentially affect the world.

It’s clear that the software is going to have an impact on any industry where any form of writing is necessary. It is going to change the way many companies do things, and, furthermore, could take away jobs in journalism.
It is reasonable to believe that CEO’s are, one day, going to look at Chat GPT and decide there’s no reason to pay a salary for someone to do what a computer can do.

At this point, it is nonsense to completely dismiss Chat GPT, but that doesn’t mean people should necessarily be scared.
For young people heading into the workforce, more specifically into primarily writing occupations, it is important to be weary and stay informed about the software.
If people can understand Chat GPT and know its flaws, they can focus on doing the things that employers look for that the computer can’t do.

Artificial Intelligence is going to be one of the most prominent topics that today’s young generations will have to face, and like any other change, people will have to adapt as quickly as computers.
History shows that nothing is stopping A.I., and the future of it remains unpredictable.

In the end, staying educated about Chat GPT is very important for young people. As long as people aren’t surprised when computers continue to evolve into doing more human-like things, there will be ways to limit A.I.’s impact on the world.