The Week Before Thanksgiving Break: Expectations vs Reality

Expectation: teachers will go light on the work Reality: more work than usual


Rachel Lutz, Staff Writer

Everyone expects that the week before a break is going to be a fun, slow, easy week because its the week before break. What teacher would give us lots of work to do? Right?


It’s not elementary school. The week before break isn’t all class parties and making Thanksgiving turkeys out of a cut-out paper hand. Instead, its more work than usual and more tests too; the teachers want to finish up the unit or topic before we students forget everything in a week.

Expectation: classes will go smoothly and everyone will behave.
Reality: kids are rowdy and hyper and ready to get as far away from the school as possible.

If you think everyone is going to behave, think again. First off, have any of you ever seen a whole school of students behave? No, I didn’t think so. Sure, there are plenty of students that are (and always are) focused and calm. But the rest of them can not wait to go have fun because school is just so boring. It is understandable though, even the students who love school need a break from it.

Expectation: a break is a break, I’m not going to have any work.
Reality: no time for anything but work.

No work over break? How about this: 4 chapters of a book, a “fun” online assignment (or 10) and how many reading and notes again? Ok. I lied, you’ll still have time for things besides school work. But if you think (and I know I used to) that your teachers would let you off work free, you’re mistaken.

Don’t get me wrong, Thanksgiving break is great, but sometimes we need to lower our expectations.

We are going to have a lot of work the week before, our peers might be a little rough, and we will have work over break, despite everything we thought would happen. Just keep in mind that teachers are doing what is the best for our education. We can still have an enjoyable break — at least from the school and social setting, if not from the work.