Eagle to Badger

Broomfield Star Quarterback Cole LaCrue is Headed to Madison, as He Chose Wisconsin to Continue his Football Career


Carson Orvis, Sports Writer

On Monday, November 7, Cole LaCrue made his long-awaited commitment. With Tulane, Colorado, and Wisconsin hats on the table, LaCrue picked the throwback Badger hat.
In almost three full seasons at Broomfield, LaCrue has started 26 games for the Eagles. As a passer, he has totaled a school record 5,236 yards along with 52 touchdowns and a 117.4 passer rating.
He has been a nightmare for defenses as a runner, totaling 1,352 yards and 26 touchdowns on the ground.

LaCrue’s talent jumps out when watching him play. His elite arm strength and ability to run, along with the intelligence he has as a quarterback, make him an intriguing prospect for colleges.
However, despite how gifted LaCrue is as a player, his recruiting process has been unique.
Going into his senior year, LaCrue wasn’t where he felt like he could have been in terms of offers.
“Going into my senior year, I only had one FBS offer from Central Michigan and two FCS offers. But, I knew I was a Power Five quarterback, and I kept betting on myself,” said LaCrue.
Putting himself into position to get the offers he was looking for took even more work off the field for LaCrue.
“I spent hours and hours sending out my film to coaches, telling them that I’m the guy.”
Despite his late arrival into the recruiting circle, LaCrue’s work eventually paid off. He acquired major offers from Colorado, Tulane, and Wisconsin during his senior year.

A lot comes with being a star quarterback, and LaCrue couldn’t have gotten to where is now without important people in his life.
Cole didn’t hesitate when addressing who has been the biggest influence on him getting to this point
“A big part of me getting to the spot I am in today is the impact my dad has had on me. He was my first ever coach and without him I am not in the situation I am in. Even though he isn’t here with me, I still look up to him, talk to him, and constantly ask him for guidance.”
His brothers, mom, uncle, and teammates are other people LaCrue looks to as impactful people who have been a part of his journey to Wisconsin.

LaCrue’s decision ultimately came down to Colorado and Wisconsin. His dream as a kid was to be a Buffalo, and that was hard to overcome in this decision.
“I always wanted to be a Buff, but in my visits to Boulder, it didn’t feel the same. Being a Buff didn’t mean the same now as it used to for me.”
Colorado Football’s struggles, however, weren’t the only factor in LaCrue’s decision.
“From when I first started talking to Wisconsin, I was excited. I think Bobby Engram’s (offensive coordinator) plans for the future of Wisconsin offense fit me as a player, and Jim Leonhard is the type of head coach I want to play for.”
After the firing of Paul Chryst earlier this year, it is evident that the Badgers are looking to modernize their style of play, and they are building a mold that LaCrue fits perfectly.

Being a storied program with a lot of past success, the past few seasons in Madison have been disappointing. The Badgers have lost four Rose Bowls in a row and four Big Ten Championship games in a row. LaCrue looks to be the guy who finally starts to win the big games at Wisconsin.
“My main goal at Wisconsin is to win a Rose Bowl. Playing in the Big Ten and having the opportunity to play in this game — and win it — is an incredible opportunity.”
LaCrue also believes he has physical traits that Badger fans haven’t seen in awhile.
“I feel like I’m a bit of a different quarterback than they’ve had in years past, maybe since Russell Wilson. I’m a guy that can unleash the football down the field and make big plays with my legs.”
LaCrue has a chance to bring a spark to the program as a playmaking quarterback, something fans in Madison are dying to watch.

This commitment doesn’t just mean a lot for Cole and Broomfield Football, it is significant to the state of Colorado. Two quarterbacks in the class of 2023 are going to power five programs, and many other players from all around the state at other positions are getting big-time opportunities. Colorado football continues to improve, and it is getting more and more recognition every year.

As for this season, LaCrue and the Eagles still have work to do. Broomfield plays their first playoff game on Saturday at home against Windsor, and they need four more wins to bring the long-awaited football state championship home.
After the season wraps up, LaCrue will leave for Wisconsin in January to start working for his opportunity to step onto the field at Camp Randall stadium.