New Technology for a New School Year

The Eagles have reached the future of sports filming.

New Technology for a New School Year

Theodore Herber and Ryan Kaiser

The gym now has the new Pixellot Automated Spot Production.

This new camera has auto-tracking features that allow the camera to follow the ball or athlete without needing a camera operator. It is a great new tool that can be used for games, practice, and getting those sweet highlights. Also, this new camera allows fans all across the country to log-in and watch Broomfield High School’s home and away events.

Broomfield now has three of these cameras. One in the Wilkerson and Eagle gym and one in the football stadium.

Mr. Shelton, the BHS Athletic Director, said, “The main purpose of it was to give grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends, and parents that are not in the Broomfield area a chance to watch their friend or family member play that wouldn’t have had a chance otherwise.” We have had lots of issues with streaming events starting during the pandemic such as “forgetting to start the stream, having multiple events going on at once, and poor quality, which is the main reason we wanted to get this going.”

Now, all you have to do to watch live events with this new camera is log into either or and search for Broomfield High School.

The cameras allow for fast-tracking HD quality film. Mr. Shelton said, “The technology is actually pretty cool, to think about an unmanned camera that has the AI to be able to follow a ball or follow a football play all the way to the end.” According to Mr. Shelton, these new cameras are going to be a great addition to Broomfield. The best part is, they were completely free from NFHS Network.

However, not everyone thinks all good comes from these new cameras. Mr. Hindman, the boys soccer head coach said, “What I don’t like is having all of our games available for anyone to watch at any time.” While these new cameras bring a whole new way for relatives and friends to stream games, it also brings scouting to a whole new level.

Any coach at any time has the ability to log in and “scout us and figure out how we play, along with finding our strengths and weaknesses is something that I’m not super comfortable with.”