New Coaches. New Beginnings. 2022 Fall Athletic Teams Have New Leadership.

Tennis, poms, soccer, cheer, and volleyball all have new faces of their programs and each team is looking better than ever!


Chloe Galvin, Staff Writer

A new school year has started, which means fall sports are back. However, things look much different than last year for many programs: five new head coaches have joined the BHS family.

For Broomfield boys tennis, due to a large graduating class in 2022, the environment of this year’s team is already quite different. To top it off, the team has a new head coach, Mr. Brad Thurman.

Thurman was a part of Broomfield High School tennis last season (and a former BrHS student… “Once an Eagle…”, but this season he is the head coach.

Teddy Darkey (‘23), said, “He’s [Thurman’s] definitely more positive and really brings us together more as a team.”

The new head coach has brought a greater sense of unity to the team. The team is now more focused on being together. “Winning as a team and losing as a team” has a higher degree of importance, said Cameron Maclennan (‘23).

Thurman is making sure the team is enjoying every moment, especially the seniors. So far Thurman is finding success as a head coach. Broomfield is ranked 2nd in the 5A Front Range League and has won 5 out of the 6 matches overall.

Another program with a new head coach is the poms program. Replacing the big shoes of former head coach, Ms. Carrie Nitchoff, was a struggle. A lot has changed since the addition of the new head coach, Ms. Tabitha Bartel, to the team, but so far, the girls are on the path to success.

The team is broadening their skills and working on new styles of dance. Belle Wilkins (‘25), said, “We are focusing on more styles of dance that we didn’t compete in last year like jazz and gameday, and a lot more focus on technique.”

The varsity poms team will compete in four different routines including hip hop, pom, jazz, and gameday, which is much different from the previous year, where the team only competed in two routines, hip hop and pom.

According to Wilkins, Bartel has positively altered the team environment: “She has made everyone more reliable for each other.” Wilkins is very excited for the year to come with her team and the new coach and has so far loved the beginning of the season.

On the soccer team, the previous JV head coach and assistant varsity coach, Mr. Zach Hindman, stepped up to be the boys soccer varsity head coach when the state’s all-time winningest head coach, Mr. Jim Davidson, stepped down. Although Hindman is a familiar face to the team, he is changing the program.

Cooper Johnson (‘23), said, “The coaching staff is looking to represent our program in a way where we are respectful as well as respected.” Hindman is holding the boys to a higher standard and looking to improve them on and off the field. He has emphasized the importance of the team’s reputation to other schools.

Along with this, he is working hard to increase the team’s fitness “so that we don’t burn out in the final stages of the game,” said Johnson.

The team and new head coach are looking for early success and making a name for themselves, and so far, it is working out. The team has won all three of the games they have played and are ranked second in the 5A Front Range League, compared to last year when they finished the season ranked fourth.

Additionally, the cheer team has also hired a new head coach this year. The program has had many coaches throughout the previous years, but they are excited for the hopefully long-term coach, Ms. Bailey Turner (remember that “Once an Eagle”…thing?).

The team dynamic has been positively impacted by Turner bringing the team together and creating a good environment for all of the cheerleaders. The improved atmosphere will hopefully lead to success later on in the season.

“We look better on the sidelines during football games,” said Lexi Reifshneider (‘25). The new coach has put more focus into looking more professional and being more prepared on the sidelines. Reifshneider explained that the team is having much more fun this year and is improving their skills and technique.

Lastly, the volleyball team is also off to a great start to the season with their new head coach, Ms. Carisa Kessler. The varsity team has won four out of their five games this season and are ranked third in the 5A Front Range League.

Kessler was previously the assistant coach for the team and has stepped up to take control of the program.

Senior, Tayler Dye, said, “So far this season has been full of learning and growing together as a team.” The girls have already been improving so much, and Dye is excited for the rest of the season to continue improving in response to Kessler’s coaching.

These five teams are looking forward to the challenges ahead and hopes of success in their future.