Smells Like Teen Spirit

There isn’t any kind of weather in the world that can stop the Eagles from supporting each other and with the constant rising of the student section, the school spirit can only go up from here.


Angel Hernandez Galindo

The white-out student section was filled to the brim for the Eagles home opener versus Longmont High on the first Friday of September.

Theodore Herber, Staff Writer

Who in the world would want to miss the experience of watching Eagles football play their opening two games of the season?

No one.

The team beat Longmont 47-14 and Holy Family 65-7.

The home opener this year for Eagles Football brought a lot of fans to Elizabeth Kennedy Stadium, especially to the student section. And just when it couldn’t get any crazier, week two brought even more excitement.

The staff and parents hosted a tailgate before the week one game and students were arriving well before the game started to ensure they had a good seat. The student section was bigger this year than it has been in a long time. Clearly, the students didn’t only come for food, they also came for football.

The chaotic, jam-packed student section had to be expanded out to other parts of the bleachers.

Surprisingly, most returning Eagles remembered all of the chants and cheers; however, the freshman definitely needed some work on that. The upperclassmen can cut them some slack considering it was their first time in the student section. Regardless, the energy in the crowd was next level.

It was definitely a night to remember for the students. Senior, Beau Thurman was in the upper middle section with most of the seniors. He said, “Cheering on my boys and getting hyped with everyone else was definitely my favorite part of the game.”

Thurman agreed that the student section should expand more due to the cramped space and getting pushed around easily during chants. Thurman said he is excited to watch the team win against

Holy Family for game two.

Thurman definitely got what he wanted for game two as the Eagles crushed Holy Family. Everyone was ready for this game as it was one of two possib

Angel Hernandez Galindo

le games against another school that resides within Broomfield City limits.

Unfortunately, the school spirit was rewarded with a lightning delay. However, no amount of lightning could stop the Eagles from supporting their team.

The delay lasted nearly two hours. To pass time most Eagles went to their car or into the gym with everyone else.

Nearly everyone waited for the game to go on and sure enough the game was able to resume at around 9:30. Hours later, the student section filled back up and the loyalty to B-Town really showed.

Most impressively (aside from the final score), the freshmen’s spirit improved tremendously. The section was much louder during week two even with the delay and the wicked storm.