Science Rules

Two BrHS Students Attend Corden Pharma Science Fair.


Avery Schmidt

The 2022 Corden Pharma Science Fair took place on February 26 at New Vista High School. This fair is an opportunity for BVSD students to showcase their outstanding achievement in science, mathematics, technology, and engineering.

This year, only two students from Broomfield High School attended the science fair, Liliana Briggs (11) and Jacob Brisnehan (12).

“The science fair was terrifying but a really cool/rewarding experience,” Briggs said. “My favorite part was when the judges asked me questions about my project because the topic is something that I’m really passionate about, and getting to finally present this project I’ve been working on since September was really rewarding.”

Briggs did her presentation on air pollution around Colorado and how it disproportionately affects communities of color. She was able to plan and develop her project freely in the Science Research Seminar.

The Science Research Seminar is a class taught at Broomfield High School that helps students who have an interest in competing in the Corden Pharma Science Fair, as well as students who have a general interest in developing their understanding of any type of science.

This class is taught by Eliza Rayner, and the goal of it is to give students the chance to participate actively in STEM research projects.

“Generally, students choose a science topic that interests them, connect with a scientist, professor, or mentor working in that field and become involved with a specific question they will investigate,” Rayner said. “My favorite part about the class is seeing the hard work students put in and the rewards they receive in the form of prizes won at the fair, scholarships, or just the student growth from going through the difficult process to the end.”

If you are interested in science and want to find out more about the research seminar and the science fair, talk to Mrs. Rayner in room 309.