Sources of Annoyance

Staff around BHS share their personal pet peeves.


Mr. Garner, a teacher at BHS who has his own pet peeves, rolls his eyes.

Sofia Tabert, Staff Writer

You know that really annoying thing that makes people go crazy? That is a pet peeve.

Most people have at least one. A pet peeve could be when people interrupt or make annoying sounds for no reason, for example. Pet peeves are something minor that can cause major irritation.

After the staff at Broomfield High took a survey about pet peeves, 95% of the 47 respondents said they really hate it when students are disrespectful.

Mrs. Stover, a family and consumer sciences teacher, said that her pet peeve is when people are “being disrespectful.”

“I think a lot of these things fall under that umbrella. Using a cell phone respectfully, not an issue. Using it repeatedly after I have asked politely for you to put it away (multiple times), disrespectful,” Mrs. Stover said.

Being disrespectful can be anything from not listening, to rude comments.

Mrs. Seifried, a Physical and Earth Science Teacher, shared similar sentiments as Mrs. Stover; her pet peeve is when students are “not being kind (respectful) to their fellow students. We are all in this together so just be kind; we don’t know everyone’s journey.”

Lying or cheating also falls under being disrespectful. Ms. Voss, a French teacher, said that lying shows “a complete and total disrespect for the teacher and the content of the class.”

She also said that in a language class, it is easy to tell if someone is cheating: “I make my class so that if you follow along and participate daily you do not need to cheat.”

A huge proportion of the staff agrees, voting (44/47) that lying or cheating is a huge pet peeve for them.

“These kids and their darn cell phones. There’s no way I can compete when their phones are that interesting,” said Ms. Binion, a language arts teacher.

Cell phone use, in most classes, is not allowed. Some teachers are okay with phones out if it is not a distraction, but others are not okay with it.

Dr. Edbrooke thinks that all pet peeves are disrespectful. “If I was out with you as a friend and you were constantly on the phone while I was talking, I would feel disrespected,” she said. Thirty-nine out of the 47 staff have one of their pet peeves as cell phone usage. Mr. Marchi said that one of his pet peeves is “excessive phone use.”

There are many pet peeves in the world. From excessive cell phone usage to dishonesty, many staff dislike it when people are disrespectful. In general, staff have expectations for their students to follow that are mainly tied to respect.