Boys Volleyball Is Trying To Set Up A Solid Foundation To Be CHSAA Sponsored

Because of the sport’s complexity, BrHS will move slowly towards CHSAA sponsorship.


Matthew Whiteford

Is boys volleyball going to be CHSAA sponsored? If not, when would it become sponsored?

Coach Edbrooke stated that the BrHS team will not be CHSAA sponsored (like football or basketball). Instead, the first season will start either in the spring of 2024 or 2025.

There are a couple reasons why boys volleyball won’t be CHSAA sponsored. Originally they did not get approval by the district to become a sponsored team; then covid happened and that complicated things.

The key factor in delaying BrHS’s entry to CHSAA competition revolves around the fact that the program lacks experienced players. The school does not want to start a sponsored team right away because we don’t have enough players who are experienced, so the program will start by teaching the new players positions, offensive plays, and defensive plays.

If the team were to get CHSAA off the bat then it would be like a full team of new volleyball players who don’t know much about the sport up against a full team of volleyball professionals. For example, imagine a person skiing for the first time down the tallest mountain without any preparation…it wouldn’t be pretty.

In a interview with Peter Darrow 10, and Joshua Schmeckpeper 9, they both stated that its fine that BrHS isnt CHSAA sponsored yet because there will be so many new people to volleyball that don’t know how to play, and that if BRHS start off CHSAA sponsored they would be beat easily.

How long will it take for the players to be ready to take on other teams?

If everything works out the way they are hoping, then the first sponsored season would be when the sophomores are seniors or the freshmen are seniors, so a couple of years from now.

Coach Edbrooke felt that it was really important to have a certain date in a year where the current high school students would still be in school so they can have some of that experience for when or if they want to continue playing volleyball in the future.

Why do these two people want to join boys volleyball?

Peter Darrow, 10, said, “I decided to join volleyball because I thought that it would be fun and that Edbrooke is coaching, and I would like to play either as a setter or something in the back.”

Joshua Schmeckpeper, 9, said, “ I joined boys volleyball because I’ve always had a passion to play volleyball, and it’s kind of cool that BrHS finally has a boys volleyball team. I would like to play center because I work well with everyone or whatever the coach decides I’m cool with.”

Any more information about how long boys volleyball will go on for?

This year’s season will start today, Monday the 28th when they get back from spring break. They will finish on may 3rd when they have a district tournament with other teams.