FBLA Crushed it at the Recent District Conference

FBLA and Insight to Their Most Recent Conference


Thea Barragan, Staff Leader

The FBLA crushed it in the recent District conference — scroll to the end of the article to see how each participant placed.

On Saturday the 5th, The Future Business Leaders of America from BHS had a Districts conference.

According to Mr. Hughes (our FBLA teacher) and James Bee, a current senior, Broomfield had a total of six people score first, five people score fifth, and the remaining 16 students all scored on an event, and that means everyone involved will be going to state.

FBLA typically has three conferences a year. The first one is districts, second is state at the Gaylord Resort April 18th-20th, and then nationals in Chicago, late June for 2022.

James Bee is passionate about being a part of the FBLA. He said, “Well, because I feel like it’s something cool to do and obviously looks good on a resume, you know, you can come into an interview and they say, what leadership standard or skills do you have? And you say, Oh, I scored first in this thing for Future Business Leaders of America, and you know, it’s also a lot of fun.”

James gave those who are interested in joining the FBLA some advice: “Study, study, study. Everyone has to [study] for districts. They [participants] have to select two events, one test, and one roleplay. I selected public speaking, and I totally failed it because I didn’t study well enough to have no cards prepared. I was talking too fast to the judges. So study, study, study, and just get in and have fun, you know, even at districts you are there for six hours. You’re speaking for five minutes. Enjoy yourself.”

Make sure to congratulate the FBLA members, show your support, and visit Mr. Hughes in room 737 or email him Bradley Hughes if you are interested in participating in the FBLA.

Here are the students placements:

  • Jordan Kristoff placed 5th in Business Law (Test) and 2nd in International Business.
  • Sofia Herman placed 1st in Client Service.
  • Maneesh Gundluru placed 3rd in Cyber Security (Test) and 4th in Digital Video Production.
  • Arjun Singh Bumrah placed 4th in Digital Video Production.
  • John Stone placed 4th in Digital Video Production.
  • Rui Gao placed 1st in Graphic Design and 4th in Journalism (Test).
  • Jackson Worley placed 1st in Impromptu Speaking.
  • Sylvia Ho placed 3rd in Marketing.
  • James Bee placed 4th in Political Science (Test).
  • President Maritza Aguirre Sanchez placed 1st in Public Service Announcement.
  • Rachel Herron placed 1st in both Publication Design and UX Design (Test).
  • Thomas Corsen placed 4th in Sales Presentation and 3rd in Securities and Investments (Test).
  • Aidan Crump placed 4th in Sales Presentation.
  • Holden Walker placed 4th in both Sales Presentation and Securities and Investments (Test).
  • Matthew Winston placed 1st in Supply Chain Management (Test).

Big Congratulations to you all!