Fast 5: Artist of the Week with Jibreel Zeinab

Stop, drop, and Photoshop.


Sophomore Jibreel Zeinab works on a digital art project.

Matthew Whiteford, Staff Writer

1. What is interesting about digital art to you?

One thing that is interesting to me is masking a picture because you can take a picture of a background, put another picture over it, and make it look like it’s one picture and not two separate pictures.

2. What is the most fun thing about digital art?

I enjoy learning how to use Photoshop overall because I’ve used it before but was not really good at it, and it’s really cool that I’m learning new stuff that I didn’t know before.

3. Are you planning on doing digital art in the future?

I would say yes because I’m not really good at painting or drawing with a pencil, but I’m better at drawing and painting with Photoshop instead.

4. Is digital art difficult at all?

I wont say it’s difficult at all, but it requires a lot of patience–especially for me because my current project is masking an image, and it’s taking me over a week to finish. So it’s not hard, just very time-consuming.

5. Can you describe yourself in one word?

Self-aware. I know my own strengths and weaknesses, and I can put those strengths to my advantage–which I feel people should do more often. And I also feel like people should know what they can and can’t do, especially in digital art which takes creativity.