Eagles of Broomfield: Zach Reidel, 9


Nick Edmonds, Staff Writer

“I usually hunt in Norton, Kansas. More specifically, I hunt on a piece of land called Prairie Dog State Park. This is a heavily wooded area with an abundance of turkeys and white-tailed deer. In the park, there are cabins that you can rent to stay in, and I love the cabins because they are simple and keep you out of the elements. But to be specific, I like to hunt in a part of the park called Coffeeville. I enjoy hunting there because I have had the most success in this location, whether that is with turkey or deer. I like to hunt because it takes my stress and anxiety away. Especially since I hunt on the breaks from school, hunting lets me relax and enjoy my time with friends and family. Furthermore, hunting connects me spiritually. When I am in God’s land I feel connected to him, the land, and the wildlife he has given humans to explore and experience. My dad introduced me to the sport of hunting at the age of five. Since then I have hunted a variety of animals such as turkey, deer, elk, pheasants, quail, marmots, and so on. Hunting to me is less about the harvest of an animal. Although it is greatly rewarding to pull the trigger on an animal, it is even cooler to just be outdoors. The main purpose of hunting for me and my life is to spend time with friends and family in the wonderful and beautiful land that God has provided us. I have always been warned of what to do if I were to get lost. I have gone through some survival classes as well. Between the resources of my peers, instructors, and teachers, the most important thing I have been taught is to just stay put. This is far better than wandering off and creating a worse situation for myself. Depending on the circumstances and the conditions, the next thing I would do is acquire the basic human needs; this will ensure I stay alive. These include food, water, and shelter. Even if the water may seem very clear, fresh, and drinkable, it is always safe to avoid any diseases or contamination that could lead to further problems. Instead, I would try my luck with catching a fish. If I have no success with that, I would collect some water and possibly boil it over a fire, but that would be my last choice.”