Fast 5: Artist of the Week with Maren Irvin

‘Yay’ for clay.


Maren Irvin is a junior at BHS.

Matthew Whiteford, Staff Writer

1. Why did you choose to do pottery?

In elementary school I was really drawn to pottery. And then in middle school, I didn’t get enough experience with it, so I was excited to take it in high school.

2. What parts of pottery are fun to you?

I really like hand-building the clay and getting to put my own input and design into my artwork.

3. What’s your favorite part about pottery?

The same thing that I said about how pottery was fun for me.

4. Are you going to continue pottery in the future?

I would definitely say yes.

5. Can you describe yourself in five words?

Creative, determined, hard-working, patient, and… that is all I can think of.