My Jersey Your Impact

Varsity Football Thanks Impactful Teachers


Senior Bode Hogan gives his handwritten card to Mr. Long as other players take a moment to connect with teachers who have helped them in their high school careers.

Carson Orvis

Leading up to the senior night football game, all of the seniors on the football team picked one teacher who has made a big impact on them to show their appreciation. They called it “My Jersey, Your Impact” and each player gave a teacher a Broomfield Football shirt with the player’s name and number on it.

The players wrote their chosen teacher a thoughtful letter to demonstrate their appreciation, and teachers wore the jersey they received during the senior night game.

This really meant a lot to the teachers who were recognized.

Spanish teacher Mrs. Kelly was recognized by two players, DJ Detwiler and Adam Rivera. She expressed how much it meant to her to get picked by these players: “It meant a ton to get picked by both of them! I especially appreciated the letter that they both wrote me. Teaching can be a tough job and we put a lot of time, energy and emotions into our students, so it is really rewarding when you hear that you’ve made an impact on them.”

Math teacher Mr. Long reflected on receiving a jersey from Bode Hogan.

“First it is important to say that it is special anytime a student recognizes a teacher. I did not realize that Bode felt I made an impact in his life. I hadn’t had him in class since his sophomore year. Knowing that he selected me from all the great teachers he has had made a real difference. It really wasn’t the gift that we got — we were given really nice t-shirts — that was so impactful, but what meant the most to me was talking with him. Once the presentation was made and the gift was given, Bode talked to me for five-ish minutes on why he selected me. Knowing how I made an impact and knowing that he chose me and took the time to tell me how I made the impact was the most satisfying.”

Teachers’ hard work and effort is often forgotten because students often think of schoolwork as boring or difficult. It clearly means a great deal to teachers when they simply get recognized for their everyday work.

Students often forget that teachers truly want the best for us and what they do is taken for granted. Without teachers helping us and guiding us, we wouldn’t be able to play sports or do any type of activities outside of school.

Whether you’re an athlete or not, take a minute to thank your teachers and let them know that you recognize and appreciate their hard work. It will mean a lot to them as they do so much for you.