Fast 5: Athlete of the Week with Leo Mowery-Evans (soccer)

He’s heading the team through the playoffs!


Will Dennis, Staff Writer - Sports

1. What is your favorite pregame song?
“I don’t know the title but the one Cold House song on the soccer playlist.”

2. What is your favorite pregame snack?
“I like to eat a banana or any type of fruit.”

3. What was your favorite moment of the season?
“Probably the win last night [2-1 over Columbine in the first round of the playoffs], but overall just being able to progress as a team.”

4. Who is another individual that has helped elevate your game?
“Matthew Lay because of his support of defenders and he puts in his best to help everyone that he can.”

5. How long have you been playing soccer and what made you want to continue playing until your senior year?
“Ever since I was three years old, it’s one of my passions and I just love every aspect of the game.”