Fast 5: Athlete of the Week with JoJo Wright (poms)

She’ll dance your socks off.


Alex Fulton, Staff Writer - Sports

1. What’s your favorite snack?
“Dried Mangoes”
2. What’s your favorite song?”
Play it Again by Luke Bryan
3. What’s your favorite moment of poms so far this year?”
“Just having the football games back to normal, with everyone back in the student section.”
4. Do you prefer cheering at football games or competitions?
“I like football games just because it’s super fun to interact with like the student section and support our football team. But I still love competitions, just, they are more stressful.”
5. How is poms at Broomfield differ from poms at Erie?
“It’s very different. It’s really nice to just have a very family-based team and I feel like the coaching staff and all of my teammates are much more supportive here.